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My Story

My greatest recommendation is Kira, an 11-year old Belgium shepherd. Together, Kira and I have hiked dozens of trails across Trinidad and Tobago, including Rincon, three pools, Avocat and Maracas waterfalls, Paria, Toco and Covigne River Gorge. She has taught me most of what I know about dogs, which we will apply to your relationship with your pets.


My life outdoors, especially hiking, demanded a tolerant and reliable partner. When I decided that Kira could accompany me on most outdoor expeditions, we had lessons twice a week in the savannah under the capable supervision of Hugh Bobart II ( Hugh is certified by the REDOG Switzerland ( search and rescue training facility. Hugh taught me how to communicate with Kira and provided insights to a dog’s psyche that allowed me to understand their subtle communication signals. Hugh has continued to provide tips and guidelines over ten years.


Building my friendship with Kira allowed me to help many friends with their dogs. During COVID 19 in 2020, I was encouraged to pursue dog training as a job opportunity.  I certainly didn’t expect the fulfilment I got helping families build closer bonds with their pets. 


Training Philosophy

Dogs have personalities and temperaments like people. I enjoy the challenges of interacting with different breeds, with dogs of all ages and issues. I seek to constantly improve my skills. I work with rescued strays at the TTSPCA to make them more adoptable, teaching the dogs how to control their behaviour, to avoid jumping and to sit on command. I help them become more comfortable around humans, being touched and being on a leash. I work on building the confidence of dogs who tend to be shy around humans. 

An important component of training is building your relationship with your dog through positive reinforcements. This allows the owner and the dog to have fun in a way that both of you feel secure and confident with each other.


The three most important things that you will learn from your training experience are:


  • To keep calm and assertive at all times with your dog;

  • To develop a clear communication with your dog; 

  • To understand dog behaviour by reading their body language; they certainly read yours.


I don’t train dogs, I train humans with dogs, which is the core of our training experience. Dogs already know how to sit and stay, we just need to learn to communicate it to them. This is where I come in, to help bridge the gap. 


The most common dog behavioural issues that I come across are:

  1. Relieving themselves in the wrong places. 

  2. Destructive behaviour and biting.

  3. Barking, Mouthing and Jumping.


These issues, and others can all be resolved by giving your dog structure and discipline which can be achieved through the training mentioned above

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