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We offer In-home training that allows for one-on-one  personalized programs.  We have five packages and specialised activities to choose from based on your needs:

Golden Dog

Puppy training

First we will be developing a bond with your puppy through food, then we will be laying the foundations for obedience training. While doing this, you will be learning how to communicate clearly with your pup. Essentially we would be teaching your pup discipline, structure and communication. This is the foundation that your puppy would need in order to live a fun and happy life. Remember, if you and your puppy are not having fun, something isn't right


Girl with Dogs

Basic obedience training

This training programme will teach your dog six basic commands on leash – sit, stand, down, come, heel and stay. Your dog will also learn basic etiquette skills to avoid issues, such as jumping, leash pulling, barking, mouthing and more. Eight classes minimum, two per week. Please note that it will take more than a month to learn these skills


Brown Dogs

Advance obedience training

Imagine being able to give you dog commands at a distance, your dog is 50’ away, off leash, and listens to your every word, even with distractions

This programme advances the basic obedience training commands off leash even  with distractions. Eight classes minimum, two per week. 

Please note that it will take more than a month to learn these skills


Two Dogs

Behavioural issues

Do you have particular behavioural problems with your dog such as aggression, fear, biting, jumping, separation anxiety, marking (peeing everywhere) etc. Contact us to discuss what we can do to help you improve your dog’s behaviour.


Dog Walker

Dog Sitting

Are you taking a vacation or a business trip and are not sure how you are going to accommodate your pets. Well we offer a dog sitting service where we visit your location to feed your pets, add water etc. This service costs $150.00 TTD per visit, with a maximum of 2 pets. Additional pets, or additional services can be discussed and the price would be adjusted accordingly. 


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